Moment Behind The Photo: Sandy

I’ve decided to start doing a “moment behind the photo” chapter, where I take a favourite photo from each wedding and explain a bit about what was going on at the time. I figured it might be nice to do this as I think if you look at my photography, I can imagine that some shots can look a bit… random. Part of my ethos is that I try and capture the real individuality and personal nature of the couple and their family and friends. Therefore, although my clients understand what’s going on in the photo, potential clients viewing my site probably don’t! So really, this series is just to show that yes… there is a method behind the madness!!

Today’s shot is from Sandy and Stefano’s wedding, and was taken in the Hotel Vertu in Battersea. At this point, only Sandy, her bridesmaid, her make up artist and I were in the room, and Sandy had just put her dress on. She found there was a little knack to getting into the dress, namely it had to be unzipped and carefully lowered over her head with her arms up over her head. This was hilarious for all those involved! After successfully donning her dress, Sandy joked that she felt she was swimming through a small tunnel, and demonstrated this quite enthusiastically, as shown in the shot below!