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Unique Battersea Barge wedding featured on Bespoke Bride!

Richard and Sarah’s Battersea Barge wedding is featured on Bespoke Bride today! I’m really glad that they picked up on Sarah’s brilliant and wise attitude to life which we both share! ‘I adore the wise words from todays bride “weddings are intimate occasions, and it’s very easy to get influenced by weddings magazines and people […]

The Bride-Centred Paradigm

I’d like to talk about something that I’ve noticed over some time in the UK wedding industry and I think it’s due time it was brought up. It’s a phenomenon I’m going to refer to as the Bride-Centred Paradigm to save me saying The-way-in-which-we-seem-to-think-a-wedding-day-is-all-about-the-bride several times. (I apologise for using the word paradigm, I’m an academic and we […]

My Rolling Stones wedding featured on Rock N Roll Bride!

A while back I shot Julia and Chris’ wedding, they were such inspirational people because they showed age didn’t matter and they were living their lives exactly how they wanted to be! I submitted it to Kat at Rock N Roll Bride, here’s her feature on it! Rolling Stones Wedding

Moment Behind The Photo: Sandy

I’ve decided to start doing a “moment behind the photo” chapter, where I take a favourite photo from each wedding and explain a bit about what was going on at the time. I figured it might be nice to do this as I think if you look at my photography, I can imagine that some […]

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