Same-sex marriage is legalised!

Hoorah! Finally, same-sex marriage receives legal recognition in England! This is an agenda I’ve tweeted and posted about for quite a while now as an open advocate for equal rights. As wonderful as this is for England, it still makes me sad that in other countries, it isn’t even legal to be gay, let alone […]

The Bride-Centred Paradigm

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I’d like to talk about something that I’ve noticed over some time in the UK wedding industry and I think it’s due time it was brought up. It’s a phenomenon I’m going to refer to as the Bride-Centred Paradigm to save me saying The-way-in-which-we-seem-to-think-a-wedding-day-is-all-about-the-bride several times. (I apologise for using the word paradigm, I’m an academic and we […]