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Love your groom!

As a vocal advocate for gender equality, I have a pretty strong belief that grooms are just as important as the bride in the wedding day. A wedding is a celebration of marriage, and this marriage happens between two people, not one person and 3/4 of a person! I posted about this a while back […]

Alternative wedding inspiration: Jazz up yo’ tie grooms! (How to tie an Eldredge Knot)

Found this floating around the internet, thought it was a pretty simple way to take the standard tie one step funkier!

The Bride-Centred Paradigm

I’d like to talk about something that I’ve noticed over some time in the UK wedding industry and I think it’s due time it was brought up. It’s a phenomenon I’m going to refer to as the Bride-Centred Paradigm to save me saying The-way-in-which-we-seem-to-think-a-wedding-day-is-all-about-the-bride several times. (I apologise for using the word paradigm, I’m an academic and we […]

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