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How to download photos from your online zenfolio gallery with Marianne Chua Photography

Here’s a quick guide for using the download function in your lovely new gallery! Feel free to share this page with your family and friends who might want to download either all or a few photos. When you open your gallery it will look a little something like this: 1. First and most importantly, press […]

Wednesday Wedding World Watch 8- Dick Van Dyke’s nautical wedding, tips on writing your wedding vows and how much wedding photography really costs

Welcome to my 100th blogpost! Toot toot! 1. Dick Van Dyke’s brilliant nautical wedding On OBB recently, Dick Van Dyke had a seafoam circus wedding. I’m not sure I really need to explain much more?! There were circus performers and those big inflatable human sized hamster water ball thingys! They had a first duet instead […]

Wedding Planning Tips: Make sure you’ve booked your supplier!

Recently, I heard a story about how a bride emailed her wedding supplier asking if they were still on for her wedding that weekend. The supplier was like… what now? Basically, the bride thought she’d booked the supplier but there was no verbal/written agreement, she’d never confirmed the amount she wanted of her order and […]

Alternative wedding inspiration: Jazz up yo’ tie grooms! (How to tie an Eldredge Knot)

Found this floating around the internet, thought it was a pretty simple way to take the standard tie one step funkier!

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