My roundup of an awesome 2013 of wedding photography!

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2013 has been THE most incredible year for me! Following on from the success with shooting numerous weddings towards the end of 2012, I decided to make a serious go of wedding photography. Incredibly, twelve months and 34 weddings later, here I am prepping my lenses ready for a similarly busy 2014! As I got […]

Shawn and Jenn’s Chinese wedding in Singapore!

  Shawn and Jenn are two cool Singaporeans who had a traditional-vintage mixed wedding. In Singapore, you can only really get married in a hotel and traditions such as the gatecrashing and tea ceremony are pretty much the norm, so Shawn and Jenn wanted to express their individuality through some cute vintage pink and teal […]

Think I’ve found the Singapore wedding!

Yeayy! That didn’t take long! Thanks to Leana from The Wedding Scoop I’ve been in touch with the lovely Jenn, the owner of Dope Street Boutique, who will be having a great mix of Chinese tradition and fashionable vintage at her wedding! I’m really looking forward to flying out there to eat some superb chicken rice […]