Two editing styles: Soft Vintage and Clean Punch!

I recently started taking my signature editing style in a new direction as I wanted to start offering my clients a more clean and classic style of photography that would be timeless and look great on the mantelpiece for years to come. The new editing style was vibrant and punchy and paid homage to my slide film days pre-weddings, I love it and feel it really fits with how I see the world before I click the shutter. However, I've found that a lot of clients also loved my old softer style, so I've decided to continue offering both editing styles and letting you get to choose how you want your wedding photos to feel. Both editing styles will always have my usual relaxed, candid and quirky compositions. By default, I will work with Clean Punch as that's my personal favourite, but if you're a lover of the soft vintage look, don't be afraid to ask for it! Here are some examples as modelled by holiday snaps of my boyfriend, haggis and a lady with purple hair!


Soft vintage


Clean Punch2styles-2-3 Soft Vintage2styles-1-3 Clean Punch2styles-2-2Soft Vintage 2styles-1-2 Clean Punch2styles-2 Soft Vintage

2styles-1Clean Punch


Soft Vintage


Clean Punch


Soft VintageSamplesA-4

Clean Punch


Soft VintageSamplesA-1

Clean Punch

  Which one do you prefer? Let me know what you think you'd choose in the comments below!

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