Unboxing and review of the Triggertrap mobile dongle

When I was working at the Gulf Photo Plus pop up in London a while back I came across this company called Triggertrap who make products with ingenious ways to trigger your camera. They sell this cute little thing called a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle which basically connects your DSLR to your phone and it becomes a trigger mechanism. As a wedding photographer I was initially interested in the product for two things, the sound trigger and face recognition function (which I'd seen in action at GPP). My thoughts were that I could create a set up for a voice activated or face activated wedding photo booth! However, it's got tons of other options that I think would work best for landscape photographers like star trails and time lapse functions.

The whole product fits into this neat little cardboard box


It has cute packaging with a sense of humour which I liked.


I also appreciated the minimal packaging in terms of it's eco factor- there's no extra paper flapping around, the instructions are printed on the inside like an old school cereal box


They do have a little cardboard box around the product to protect it, when you open it up you'll see it's two cables.


All you need to do is plug the headphone jack from the right hand cable into your phone and the left hand side goes between the TT black box and your camera's cable release/remote port . There's 12 different connector options, so it's worth making sure you get the right one for your camera model. Once you've got that plugged in and the triggertrap mobile app installed (which you can get from the google play or apple store), a key thing is that you must turn your media volume up to full as I think it works on sound through your phone or something fancy like that.

I took a few test shots with the standard release, which is a button press jobby. At first I thought it could be a good selfie tool, the cable goes to 1 metre but at the same time I suppose you could just use a self timer for something like this.


I also tried out the sound release. This option is really cool, you don't need it to be so close , you can trip the sound release with it way away but I wanted to show it in the photo. It's really clever because you can manually set the threshold so that it only trips with a certain volume of noise, that way you can exclude talking and background noise but it'll trip the camera if you shout etc.


As I said earlier, it has other functions as well, on the iphone (I'm an android user) app you can set it so it recognises a select number of faces, once that number of faces walk into the frame it takes the photo. I saw them using that at the GPP and it was fantastic with many boothing opportunities. Other functions is has includes quick release, press and hold, press and lock, timed release, self timer, time laprse, time warp, distance laprse, star trail, bramping, sound sensor and long exposure HDR. The phone app also comes with a solar and ND calculator to help you set up those fancy shots. It also has a wifi master and slave function so instead of cables, you can leave one phone plugged into the camera as a remote and trigger it with a second phone acting as a master control. I'm not too familiar with the likes of timelapse photography but

I've had a busy wedding season so I haven't had the chance to explore all of those other functions yet, but if you get a chance to try it and want to share your comments I'd love to hear what you thought! I think it's such an ace little tool for the prosumer, professional or even the enthusiast, it'd fit so neatly into a bag for those who hike to cool scenic landscapes, best of all it's less than £25 and the phone app is free so it packs a lot of interesting features for the price!


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