Sooooooo you’ve seen me jigging about and want to get under the hood of my Pinky & the Brain schemes to take over the world! Maybe you want to find out how I booked over 35 weddings in my first year, revamp your flat lining business, or want to start attracting more sumo wrestling, space hoppering, octopus hatted kind of clients!

To help you Uniquify Your Business I have cooked up a range of tailor made options:

The Teppanyaki– £100/hour

In case you haven’t nommed this before- Teppanyaki is a method of Japanese grilling. In other words you can grill me about anything you like in a 1-to-1 Skype session. This is ideal if you have a specific, non-hands on area you want to learn about, that you feel we could cover in a extensive chat. Please expect each teppanyaki grilling to take 1-2 hours to be fully cooked!

The Bento Box– £400/half day.

The Bento Box is the option for if you want more technical and interactive help. We meet up in person and go through your website, branding and photography together to evaluate your existing strategies. We’ll chat about what you want to gain over the next 6 months and start to form the blueprints for a refreshed direction in your business.

Although I specialise in using individuality to create a thriving wedding photography business, I am also happy to answer questions about the following:

  • On and off camera flash techniques
  • Wedding photography equipment
  • Photography workflow
  • On-the-day shooting tips

Get started here!

Marianne Chua.

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