Wedding album options- 2018 onwards!

After seeing new product offerings from my album companies I have decided to simplify my albums. Originally I stocked three very different albums designed to meet three purposes- the original heirloom fine art book with all the shebangs, a cheaper option that still looked like a grand lay flat album but with normal paper, and a very affordable book style option that was capable of holding a large volume of photos cost effectively.

One of my companies has since released a beautiful lay flat book printed on Fujifilm photographic paper that can hold up to 100 spreads for £950, which covers the needs previously met by two of the albums.

As a result I will now offer the same original fine art album, beautifully handmade in the UK and still called the Dark Soy, but I have replaced the other two albums with a new Oyster Sauce album which has a similar outer appearance but different paper and limited cover options. The Dark Soy Sauce album starts from £500 for the base count of 15 spreads 10x10, whereas the Oyster Sauce starts from £350 for a base count of 30 spreads with the potential to expand up to 100 spreads at pricing increments with a maximum of £950.


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