Wednesday Wedding World Watch 10- Win £10,000 off your wedding venue, double chin goodness and unusual wedding venues

1. Win an incredible 10k off your wedding venue with Smashing The Glass

WOW, what an amazing competition from Smashing The Glass, a cool Jewish wedding blog. If you enter their competition you stand the chance of winning £10,000 off the normal fee for booking the Criterion, you also get a free Sunday night wedding stay at Claridges, a free horse drawn carriage and a champagne dinner for two! Amazing all round! Check out more details and enter the competition here.

2. Why having a double chin in your wedding photos can be good

Every time I meet a couple or have a pre consultation, I explain to them that as I’m a) a bit of a feminist and b) I truly believe people look their best when they’re expressing genuine emotion, there’s a lot of potential for there to be double chins and unflattering angles appearing in their wedding photos. I kind of know it can be a bit strange an idea for many to get used to and I don’t want anyone to be surprised with their wedding photos so I make sure it’s discussed before booking. I would say I’m not the type of photographer for those who want to look perfectly airbrushed, instead I’m right for couples who want to see themselves, their friends and family looking full of life and happiness on their wedding day. That’s why I was really pleased when favourite-blog-of-mine OBB covered this topic in an article stating why they’d like to see their double chin laugh on their wedding day.

3. 11 unusual wedding venues

If you’ve read any of my past blogposts you’ll know that I lurve interesting or unique wedding venues. I saw that Marie Claire had compiled a list of unique venues and I was like awwww yeaahhh! Check out their amazing selection here

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