Wednesday Wedding World Watch 3- Wedding planning tips, 2014 cake trends and free DIY printables

1. Wedding planning tips

12 great tips from Off Beat Bride that trust me, you will not have though of! I'm only aware of some of these because I've seen the mistake being made on the day!!

 2. Cake trend predictions from Sugared Saffron!

Although I'm an expert at eating cake, I'm no good at making it! I'll let an industry expert show you the 2014 wedding cake trends! My favourite is this geometric cake, it's so edgey and quirky, I can definitely see it being featured in a maths geek wedding! Go to Sugared Saffron's site to see more!
Photo credit: Sugared Saffron

3. Free DIY wedding printables

I know today has been a bit OBB overload, bear with me because they're great! Here's their extremely useful list of free templates for printing your invitations, decorations, booth props etc. etc.! Awesome!
Photo credit: Funky Time

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