Wednesday Wedding World Watch 4- Why you should feed your photographer, 2014 wedding colour palette trends and a DIY floral wreath for your dog!

1. Why you need to feed your wedding photographer!

Ho ho ho! Not that I’m at all biased but here’s an article covering a really important topic!! Sometimes couples are unsure of whether they need to ensure we get fed, I guess if you compare it to an office job it’s not like your workplace trumps up your smoked salmon bagel for you! However, there’s several key differences between an office job and wedding photography that means it’s much better for both parties if you feed us… Firstly, we are sometimes travelling between up to as many as three venues, already carrying bags and bags of stuff! I honestly have no room at all even to squeeze a sandwich into my bag, I’m actually in the process of upgrading mine. So, I suppose I could pop out to the local Tesco’s right? Aha, but what if the wedding venue is in the middle of nowhere? Besides even if I am shooting a city wedding, I need to be near the wedding dining room to be able to keep an ear out for the speeches. Making sure I don’t waste 15 mins trying to find a supermarket and then walking back makes a huge difference in how much time I can be shooting. And if you aren’t persuaded by all those argument, check out the reason given by this wedding photographer for the amount of moving around vs. resting we do. We really don’t stand around and we’re effectively power walking and pumping small weights (cameras) for around 10 hours straight!

So really, you should make sure your wedding photographer gets a break and is well looked after just to make sure they can do their best job possible for you!!

2. Top colour trends for 2014

I’d actually never seen the site the perfect pallete before, a little trigger warning, if you’re decorating a new house don’t look because you’re about to see colour combinations you did not know existed but really want! (Click the photo to see more amazing wedding colour schemes).

3. How to DIY a floral wreath for your dog

Yes you heard that right! Green Wedding Shoes has a diy guide for making a floral wreath for your four legged attendees! I just thought this was fab as I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding with a dog in attendance! It would just be even cooler if they had a role in the wedding like ring bearer!