Wednesday Wedding World Watch 5- Going for an unplugged wedding, 5 wedding myths debusted and why it’s important to book a professional

1. Why you should ask your guests to put their phones away!

Here’s a link to a Fox video regarding ‘wedding wreckers’.

This is a problem that gets discussed a lot in the wedding industry and something that’s definitely worth thinking about as a couple about to get married. In short, too many guests-playing-photographer ruins le broth! I’m actually quite happy for guests to take their own photos, it means more of your wedding is covered and that’s great. My only limit of my boundaries is during the ceremony (because it spoils the mood of the ceremony for everyone else!) and during the group shots (it takes me longer to get everyone into a shot if there’s always one person hovering behind with a camera, also it means eyes wandering in the photo). So, what can you do about it? Sometimes people put a little note in the invites, or a sign outside the ceremony room. Alternatively I’ve heard vicars or registrars include some instructions in their opening speech before the bride enters, encouraging people to put their phones away. On top of everything, guests who view your wedding through a screen or viewfinder don’t get to enjoy the wedding as much. People assume that because I’m a photographer I must love to carry a camera everywhere, but actually if it comes to personal events like friend’s weddings, I’ll hardly take any photos because it detracts from the experience of enjoying the present moment.


2. 5 wedding-must-have myths debusted!

As a staunch advocate for doing your wedding your way, I thought this little article was great for understanding that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to!

3. Why it’s important to book a professional wedding photographer

What a great feature from Rock ‘N’ Roll Bride! Only yesterday I had someone tell me (in response to me explaining I was a wedding photographer), “oh well to be honest I’d just get a friend to do it, everyone can take a photo nowadays”. I didn’t feel offended as I know so many people really think that, people have iphones, company cameras… the technology is great and so brilliantly clever. The thing is though, non-professional equipment will NOT be good enough in a dark barn, that iphone flash will not look the same as my bounced speedlight etc. and people don’t realise the difference until afterwards! Furthermore, wedding photography is about more than a record of your day, it’s about showing the day in a creative way, with artistic angles and compositions, about knowing the right moment to click the shutter. This article from Rock ‘N’ Roll Bride shows exactly why you need to be careful about getting a friend to take your wedding photos. After all, you only get married once and the photos are with you for a lifetime!

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