Wednesday Wedding World Watch 8- Dick Van Dyke’s nautical wedding, tips on writing your wedding vows and how much wedding photography really costs

Welcome to my 100th blogpost! Toot toot!

1. Dick Van Dyke’s brilliant nautical wedding

On OBB recently, Dick Van Dyke had a seafoam circus wedding. I’m not sure I really need to explain much more?! There were circus performers and those big inflatable human sized hamster water ball thingys! They had a first duet instead of a first dance which was pretty cool! Click here to check the full story and photos out!

2. Tips on how to write your wedding vows from Nu Bride

Writing your own vows is the perfect way to personalise your wedding and really make it mean something to you both. However, not everyone’s a writer, and not everyone find sit easy to speak from the heart! Nova from Nu Bride has put together this AWESOME guide to make vow writing easier, if you’re planning to write your own, make sure you take a look at her article before picking up that pen!

3. A useful infographic on how much your wedding photography really costs!

Here’a a link to a really useful infographic made by a fellow wedding photographer that explains why we charge what we do! Along with other wedding suppliers like cake makers, photographers often get told they’re too expensive or overcharging. However, there’s so many hidden costs that people would be surprised at, like insurance, equipment for both on and after the wedding day, and training. Just remember the old adage, once you’ve put the dress away and eaten the cake, the photographs (and your marriage!) are the one thing you’ll have for the rest of your lifetime.