Wednesday Wedding World Watch 1-Offers from bespoke bride, xray proposal and how to embrace tradition

Being in the wedding industry, I often come across some brilliant, hilarious or inspiring articles about weddings. I've decided to start a series where every Wednesday evening I will share any cool posts from the web that I've found interesting and I hope you do too!

1. Freebies from Bespoke Bride!

This week, we have 12 days of Christmas giveaways with the lovely girls at Bespoke Bride. My favourite is the chance to win an origami bouquet, click the photo to get taken straight to it!    

2. A super cute X-Ray proposal!

Christmas and New Year's Eve is THE peak season for engagements, I saw this cute X-Ray proposal doing the rounds on the Internet, would you like to be proposed to this way? If you have a cool engagement story to share from Christmas or NYE put it in the comments below!


3. How to embrace traditional as a modern couple

Off Beat Bride has got to be one of my favourite Wedding blogs, I'm kind of gutted it's predominantly US based with a small UK readership! What makes them different from other wedding blogs is that they aren't afraid to talk about the reality of weddings in a modern, progressive and intelligent hat on. You can be sure that there will be plenty of OBB shares going on in WWWW! To kick it off, here's an article about how to deal with the pressures of balancing traditional and modern wedding customs

If you have anything fab that you've seen don't hesitate to share it with me over facebook, twitter or pintrest!


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