An intimate animaltastic, Lego, Alice In Wonderland barn wedding!

Becca and Neil are a self-professed shy couple who wanted an intimate wedding filled with all their favourite things and people! I don't usually share photos of details because I like weddings to be all about the people, but I have to give a strong nod to the following: Becca's Alice in Wonderland shoes, their lovely greyhounds in wedding bow tie and veil, a horse drawn carriage, mum conducting the ceremony, sunflower bouquets, a cake with a secret lego back, Alice in Wonderland themed tables with lego on for the guests to play with, an indoor ice cream stand, afternoon tea, place cards containing interesting ice breaker facts about the other guests around the table, lots of board games per table, a rainbow bouncy castle, a beautiful orchard for photos and face huggers from Alien decorating the barn walls. Becca is a vet nurse so some of her friends brought their pet ferrets, snakes, baby turtles and blue tongued skink along for a short while in the evening. I love that they just rolled with whatever they wanted, truly making the day unique and personal. The whole day was very relaxed, Becca and Neil aren't into dancing so they didn't have a first dance or music. Instead, after the food everyone either chatted or played various board games together until late into the night, it was the perfect wedding for them.

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