I’m the only wedding funtojournalist in the world! (Mostly because I made up the term). All I really mean is that I document your wedding in a photojournalistic manner, but with a huge emphasis on fun and happiness! To get the best wedding photos all you need to do is carry on with your wedding day and ignore me as much as possible whilst I pop up in all sorts of random places. The biggest compliment I can get from a client is “we didn’t even notice you taking that photo” and the second biggest is “you’re a really nice person and your dress sense totally isn’t weird!”

As I want your photos to reflect you and all your guests having a genuinely cracking time, I keep posed, formal shots to a minimum. When I do shoot them, I have ways and means to keep them short and sweet so they have the minimum impact on your canapé nomming/champagne guzzling. Although I understand the importance of having something for the mantelpiece, I believe that as a whole, documentary wedding photography should be the total opposite of looking at the camera and saying cheese so that your photos reflect memories of the day, not the memory of you standing still for a photo!

Instead, the sorts of things my camera and I squirrel out are great facial expressions in response to the bride doing the worm, the mother trying to hide her tears under her big hat and the friend with a nostril-tastic snorty laugh. Your guests are a massive part of your day, so I document a lot of what they get up to even when you aren’t around. I want you to be able to look at your photos and say things like “Oh that’s when auntie Wendy laughed so hard she got the hiccups!” and “Whhhaaattttt, when did that happen!?”.

My wedding photography services are also unique because I run this ship in a way that is unapologetically true to myself. On principle I don’t approve of airbrushing, so I won’t be adding on a new layer of makeup in photoshop or giving you a nose job. I think people look their best as themselves, and I want your wedding photos to contain you, not you warped into Brangelina. Everyone is individual and different and I believe in celebrating and enhancing that. My style emphasises bright, natural colours and my love of lines and symmetry give my work a truly unique 2D cartoon style!

If this sounds like everything you want from a photographer, then that’s awesome and you should say hello!

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(As well as weddings I also shoot private events such as christenings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, and occasionally a spot of live music. I also shoot destination weddings all over the world.)


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