I’m the only wedding funtojournalist in the world! (Mostly because I made up the term). All I really mean is that I document your wedding in a photojournalistic manner, but with a huge emphasis on fun and happiness! To get the best natural wedding photos all you need to do is carry on with your wedding day and ignore me as much as possible whilst I pop up in all sorts of random places. The biggest compliment I can get from a client is “we didn’t even notice you taking that photo” and the second biggest is “you’re a really nice person and your dress sense totally isn’t weird!”

As I want your photos to reflect you and all your guests having a genuinely cracking time, I keep posed, formal shots to a minimum. When I do shoot them, I have ways and means to keep them short and sweet so they have the minimum impact on your canapé nomming/champagne guzzling.

Although I understand the importance of having something for the mantelpiece, I believe that as a whole, documentary wedding photography should be the total opposite of looking at the camera and saying cheese so that your photos reflect memories of the day, not the memory of you standing still for a photo!

Instead, the sorts of things my camera and I squirrel out are great facial expressions in response to the bride doing the worm, the mother trying to hide her tears under her big hat and the friend with a nostril-tastic snorty laugh. Your guests are a massive part of your day, so I document a lot of what they get up to even when you aren’t around. I want you to be able to look at your photos and say things like “Oh that’s when auntie Wendy laughed so hard she got the hiccups!” and “Whhhaaattttt, when did that happen!?”. Aesthetically, my style emphasises bright, natural colours and my love of lines, shapes and symmetry give my award-winning work a uniquely artistic personality.

My wedding photography services are also unique because I run this ship in a way that is unapologetically true to my personal ethics. On principle I don’t approve of airbrushing, so I won’t be adding on a new layer of makeup in photoshop or giving you a nose job. I think people look their best as themselves, and I want your wedding photos to contain you looking happy, not you warped into Brangelina.

Everyone is individual and different and I believe in celebrating that. I shoot flexible hours to tell the full story of your day, whatever that story may be, even if weddings in your culture are extra hardcore! I genuinely enjoy experiencing all the diverse ways people choose to express their love and commitment, so from pygmy goat ceremonies to having your dad conduct the ceremony to being thrown around in the air, I’m ready for whatever you have planned!

We just wanted to thank you for a fantastic effort on saturday. You made us both feel so comfortable and at-ease from the very first moment the photographing started, and a huge number of our guests told us that very same thing. You were so friendly and likeable that many assumed you were just one of our mates! What a total pro.

I’m not sure how exactly, but every moment we thought “Oh, I hope Marianne caught that” you were somehow already there with the camera snapping away. Great job! We’re really excited to see the photos, but even before we do, we wanted to thank you for helping to make our day really special.

Our photographer, Marianne, was just amazing! She was like one of our guests, fitted in perfectly and we didn’t even know she was there. It was exactly what we wanted. She was so helpful throughout the morning, running flowers between us and the men. We couldn’t be happier with our photos. They tell the exact story of our day.


I am laugh-crying at my desk.

Thank you Marianne. It’s like re-living the whole day. Your composition is so beautiful. And you’ve caught so many hilarious moments

Marianne is truly brilliant. We have just had photos back, so much laughter and tears were had, it really was like reliving the day again. From the start Marianne was simply amazing, and on the day, Marianne feels like a friend (nearly every one of guests said this!). Every single guest has said how amazing our photos are, and they truly are. I’m really not sure what to say, if you could see my blubbering face you’d see just how happy I am with Marianne.

Oh my God, Marianne. The photos. I am speechless. They are incredible. It’s such a credit to you that you managed to make two of the most un-photogenic human specimens on this planet look not just photographable but actually pretty damn FLY is a feat not short of miraculous. The pictures are just so, so beautiful. You made us feel so relaxed and it was just an absolute pleasure to be shot by you.

We always said we’d never be the kind of people who have their wedding photos blown up on a big canvas but, having seen that, I’m afraid we may have to just become everything we hate….I’ve also discovered several new facial expressions I didn’t know I possessed, which is pretty impressive! ; ) You are super talented and just plain smashing.

Thank you times infinity. You’re a f**king legend.

We just wanted to write a little note to say how amazing Marianne was as our wedding photographer. We booked her two years in advance knowing right away that her style was perfect for us. From the first meeting we had no doubts that she should be our wedding photographer and now having received the photos back we are certain she was the right choice!

Marianne was responsive, friendly, helpful and professional. She made us feel instantly at ease and our guests raved about her on the day. She is hands down the best supplier choice we made and we fully recommend booking her!

Thanks Marianne, the photos are amazing and we are thrilled!

The most perfect wedding photo ever! Brings tears to my eyes every single time!

Absolutely crazy. Every were I look Marianne was and at one point she was even taking a photo between my legs.

I hope you enjoyed the you day with use and that my grooms man where not to annoying.

Also thank you for helping use capture such a special memory.

A note to say how amazing you were at our wedding! You captured everything and more, with vibrancy and colour. Your skill at catching all those little expressions and moments from all our friends and family is second to none. Everyone adores the photos and we couldn’t be happier with them, thank you so, so much.

Marianne Chua – thank you so much for doing such an awesome job shooting our wedding! You were totally pro from start to finish and we could not have asked for better, cooler photos. Next time we need some proper photos, we will be coming your way! xxx

Where do we begin with Marianne’s talents? We met Marianne on a pretty dark and wet winter’s evening back in November but she had chosen a pretty little cafe in Camden that instantly made us feel at ease and forget the cold weather outside. Instantly we came away knowing we had found our wedding photographer. Despite my husband Adam being a photographer himself, he was apprehensive about having professional photos as he much prefers being behind the camera rather than in front of it! However Marianne’s style was perfectly suited to us as it captures moments as they happen rather than trying to make the magic happen for the camera. Marianne on the day was the perfect balance of stealth photographer while always being a constant support to the wedding party – running between everyone and everywhere to make sure all elements ran smoothly. The results have made us cry and laugh and cry with laughter. When we first received the images we felt like we were moment by moment reliving ALL the magic of the day. There is a picture of each and every friend and family member and these photographs are now our most treasured possession. Images that we will return to forever more and share with present and future loved ones! Marianne you are AWESOME. We cannot thank you enough.

Thank you Marianne for being so awesome yesterday. You fitted in around our craziness and truly captured the special moments for us, not just pictures but the moments you want to remember forever. Thank you to you and Tom. So excited to see the rest of the pics when we get back from honeymoon. Massive hugs xxx

Marianne is THE BEST!!! She was so funny and nice to hang out with on the day, made sure we got the shots we wanted, (and even made sure I ate a snack before the ceremony) was organised about who needed to be where and when, but also she has a real gift for capturing the unexpected- turning up just at the right time to capture such fleeting moments so perfectly. She caught our ‘vibe’ on camera utterly brilliantly, we were so delighted when we got our photos back. The *many* photos we received were gorgeously edited and presented, and we LOVED the slide show she put together- it really told the story of our day- no need for a videographer! There were loads of non-stagey emotional realness shots which is exactly what we wanted, but also the more formal and traditional romantic photos were gorgeous too- full of colour and energy. Would definitely recommend working with the lovely Marianne!

Dear Marianne:

My sister has just sent me pictures from xxxxxxx’s wedding at the St. John’s Wood Synagogue. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there nor were my children and granddaughters for health reasons.

However, looking at your photographs made me almost feel as if I had been there. I’ve never seen wedding photographs that were so vivid and caught the atmosphere of the event so realistically. I do a bit of photography myself as pastime to keep me out of trouble so I can recognise good work when I see it. Quite amazing really!

A million thanks. Wonderful.

Oh. Wow. Thank you so so so much, these are FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC. We’ve relived every emotion from the day, and cried and laughed as we looked at these. So magic. You’ve just caught the vibe so perfectly, we couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful.

Oh my god LOVE IT!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I can’t believe how you were everywhere at once and we barely saw you! You are a MAGICIAN! Thank you

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