Chris and Helen’s London TFL wedding at Brixton East!

Chris and Helen are a lovely down to earth couple whose priority was to have great candid photography on their wedding day. Chris is a bit of a photography aficionado so I was determined to do a fricking awesome job! We started with Helen getting ready at their flat into her Essence of Australia dress whilst her bridesmaids wore gorgeous navy blue and bronze dresses from House of Fraser. Chris wore a bespoke wool suit by the tailors Carl Stewart. Their ceremony was held nearby at the Chelsea College on Arts, so they could dash over on the tube to their reception at the quirky Brixton East. Brixton East is a fab venue that’s a nice blank space so you can really put your own personal stamp on it. Helen and Chris had a TFL themed wedding- the invites were exactly like a tube map leaflet, the signs and cakes were all in TFL font, and they even had a sofa made out of old tube seat material! Instead of a wedding cake they had a giant triple pork pie, and their wedding dinner was provided by Easy Gourmet, who I worked with several times before! They do a really fun option for having your nominated guests serve up the roast meat. They give them aprons and chef hats and teach them how to carve, it just makes a nice fun twist on the usual sit down! Their desserts come round in vintage pallets so you can choose exactly what you want, which I think is better for minimising waste! After dinner they had the speeches, which included Helen giving a bride’s speech. I’m definitely seeing a lot of couples nowadays having both groom and bride’s speeches, which massively appeals to my feminist work ethic! After the speeches they went back upstairs for the dancing fun, before Chris surprised Helen with a song they’d joked about for years, saying that he’d never sing it for her at their wedding! Thank you to Helen and Chris for letting me shoot and share their wonderfully personal day!

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