Chua & The Bell: A new video channel for wedding photographers!

I finally decided to update my website to reflect the increasing amount of teaching work I was doing, so if you're reading this you should be seeing a series of sub-headings aimed at photographers who want to learn a variety of mad business skillz. When I first started out I wrote a few gear reviews, but when my bookings escalated almost immediately, I didn't make the time to properly develop the written side of the business despite thoroughly enjoying it. In the past I used to write make up reviews and I unashamedly love THINGS so writing photography gear reviews is a genuine hobby. Fast forward a few years and I've finally managed to balance my work life to make time for things I love again. One of the projects born out of this rejangled lifestyle is Chua & The Bell, a collaborative video channel I'm doing with my very good friend and awesome wedding photographer Kari Bellamy. We started it because we felt like there was a gap out there for female led wedding photography business info, that was still quite techie. We're keen to straddle serious topics with an attempt at making it fun. You kind of have to bear in mind that we're neither videographers or professional comedians, and the channel is essentially a passion project, so we are still working on improving many aspects of it. With little knowledge of how to film ourselves or be interesting human beings, we met in Summer 2017 at my place and filmed our first video! It's kind of a bonus side video really, because we were genuinely struggling with a channel name, so here it is!

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