Harriet and Dave’s high flyin’ plane themed wedding at The Aviator annnddd a surprise picnic in the woods with sumo racing!

I was really flattered when Harriet, a fellow photographer asked me to shoot her wedding that was being planned in six weeks! Dave and her son are both really into planes and lego, so it made a lot of sense to hold the ceremony at The Aviator hotel and have lots of wonderful personal touches such as the rings being taxi'd in by a plane and remote controlled car as well as planes and various flying contraptions to muck around with in the woods.

Although the big surprise picnic in the woods was for the guests, Harriet and Dave also received a surprise of their own when Harriet's brother, who was in charge of some woodland games, produced these hilarious sumo suits and declared it was time for the sumo (creme) egg and spoon race! As Harriet is a photographer as well, they were very keen to make the time for some proper couple photos in the woods, and I suggested we also go for a wicked shot where they got mercilessly attacked by polystyrene planes. Love it!

aviator hotel wedding-1

aviator hotel wedding-2

aviator hotel wedding-3

aviator hotel wedding-4

aviator hotel wedding-5

aviator hotel wedding-6

aviator hotel wedding-7

aviator hotel wedding-8

aviator hotel wedding-9

aviator hotel wedding-10

aviator hotel wedding-11

aviator hotel wedding-12

aviator hotel wedding-13

aviator hotel wedding-16

aviator hotel wedding-17


aviator hotel wedding-18

aviator hotel wedding-19

aviator hotel wedding-20

aviator hotel wedding-22

aviator hotel wedding-21

aviator hotel wedding-23

aviator hotel wedding-25

aviator hotel wedding-27

aviator hotel wedding-29

aviator hotel wedding-30

aviator hotel wedding-31



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