(To the tune of Queen of course!)

Well done for taking the first step to joining The Forum by clicking through to this page! A bit of info: Anyone can apply, your topic can be about anything (although I won’t recommend a mime show)… this is your chance to have a mini-experience of speaking at a photography conference. I will provide slots on a first come first served basis so do get your info in nice and early!  Don’t forget to buy your ticket from the main event page first

My name is  and my email address is . I think I’d like to speak now for roughly minutes (this is just so I can maximise… you can do anything from as short as 5 mins to max 30) and I think my topic will probably be about (don’t worry if you want to change it, it’s just so I can arrange the topics nicely). I think I might want to use a projector for a slideshow/presention… YES/NO 


You go Glen Coco!

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