Laura and Rosie’s bright and Limoncello fueled hand fasting festival wedding at Furtho Manor Farm!

I was recommended to Rosie and Laura by their friend and my fellow wedding photographer Nikki Cooper, so I want to start by saying thank you to Nikki for the awesome wedding opportunity! I started the day at Rosie’s where she was getting into a beaded dress her Aunt handmade for her, a bright floral crown and crochet Irregular Choice shoes. Their handfasting ceremony was held at Furtho Manor Farm in the barn which they beautifully decorated with white roses, glass cola bottles of flowers, white drapes and fairy lights. Laura was already getting ready at Furtho and it was really important for the two ladies that they enter the ceremony as equals, rather than one of them waiting at the top for the other, which I really respected. When Laura was going to her entrance, I caught Rosie having a sneaky pre ceremony ciggie! There were a lot of emotions from both ladies, their friends and families AND their officiant who was their good friend Dylo (pronounced die-low *injoke alert*). At the end of the ceremony they let off confetti cannons, and in case that wasn’t enough hair debris they also had a ton of confetti chucked at them as they left the barn!

The reception was held in a tipi set up in the next field. They had decorated it with beautiful bright silky materials, wild flowers and beaded colourful glassware. As Laura and her family are huge Arsenal fans, the match was aired so the drinks reception was both a reception and a footie session. They had a barbecue and an ice cream van for dessert which was followed by very emotional speeches. After that it descended into the madness I know and love where Great Grandma caught the double bouquet toss from a VW and then… wait let me linger for a second because this story is so awesome it deserves to be included: When I shared the bouquet toss shot on my FB page (this is all public by the way so it’s fine for me to share), G-Gma, the bad ass boss lady she is, posted this-

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 20.28.34

I’m in love with this woman.

Anyway, back to Rosie and Laura’s wedding! After the bouquet toss it all goes into party mode- I’ve been kind and not shared the photos of unconscious guests! I shot until near midnight and stayed nearby so I could get the morning Bacon and photos of despair which I took whilst loudly and shrilly shouting “morrrnninngggggg!”


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