Russell and Adele’s emotional and elegant Gosfield Hall wedding in Essex

Russ and Adele are an absolutely lovely couple who had a sweet wedding with lots of personal touches in the elegant wedding venue Gosfield Hall. They chose it because Russ loved the big room with pink walls and green ceiling, and Adele loved the iconic bridal suite. They had lots of light pink touches, with a nod to their travelling adventures in the table decor. Adele's cousin made the cute penguin cake which was positioned next to a pink rose entwined staircase. It was a really nice wedding, there were lots of tears, notably from Russell as well as Adele, it's always nice to see a bloke who isn't afraid to shed a tear! Aside the occasionally weepy moment, the rest of the day was full of giggles and laughs. Guests played a spot of croquet after dinner and enjoyed the STUNNING sunset. Russell and Adele originally told me that they weren't into posed photographs, but I promised them that I'd get the best out of them in the most natural way possible... I think they look amazing and did a great job of putting up with my weird requests like "please stand on the window sill... don't tell the wedding co-ordinator!"

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