Saag and Jan’s Indian wedding in Bangalore, India!

This November I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot for the excellent Alex Beckett at an Indian wedding in Bangalore, India! Jan is Tamil and Saag is Gujarati so it felt natural for them to go to their home towns for a multi-day ceremony. They started with celebrations in Saag's home village in Gujurat, before flying to Bangalore for a wedding ceremony in an ancient Tamil temple. Anyone who knows me knows it has long been a dream of mine to shoot an Indian wedding in India, so this was a nice taster, hopefully I will get to shoot my own some day! Here is a small selection of my favourite photos I took in my second shooting role!

indianwedding_0514 indianwedding_0515 indianwedding_0516 indianwedding_0517 indianwedding_0518indianwedding_0519 indianwedding_0520 indianwedding_0521 indianwedding_0522 indianwedding_0523 indianwedding_0524 indianwedding_0525 indianwedding_0526 indianwedding_0527 indianwedding_0528 indianwedding_0529 indianwedding_0530 indianwedding_0531 indianwedding_0532 indianwedding_0533 indianwedding_0534 indianwedding_0535 indianwedding_0536 indianwedding_0537 indianwedding_0538 indianwedding_0539 indianwedding_0540 indianwedding_0541 indianwedding_0542 indianwedding_0543 indianwedding_0544 indianwedding_0545 indianwedding_0546 indianwedding_0547 indianwedding_0548 indianwedding_0549 indianwedding_0550 indianwedding_0551 indianwedding_0552

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