The best documentary wedding photography of 2015

 Every year wedding photographers everywhere put down their cameras and pull up their socks to create a list of the best wedding photography they produced that year. This is my first time attempting such a feat and I can see why so many of my friends wail and huff and puff about it. There were loads of weddings where I could have included an infinite number of dancing shots and crying shots, but seeing as I couldn't include 50% of every blog post, it meant that I had to take the stand that awesome moments are the norm, and instead what I want to bring to this blog post are the shots that meant a heck of a lot to me, the ones that I was super chuffed that I took, the ones where I instantly wanted to show the nearest person, the ones that say I was proud to have been there and shot for those people. They are not be any means a reflection of favourite weddings or couples, but individual frames that do nothing more than delight me to share with you.

creative wedding photography

fun documentary wedding photography

Chicheley Hall overgrown library wedding-37

dinosaur rock wedding-19


somerset vintage garden wedding-20

british tea party wedding-21


festival wedding photography-21

aynhoe park wedding alternative documentary photography-34

english manor house wedding-10

alternative wedding photographer

alternative fun documentary wedding photographer-7

asylum wedding photographer-38


asylum wedding photographer-40

asylum wedding photographer-24


covent garden wedding-14

london documentary wedding photographer

creative wedding photography

alternative wedding photographer

Chicheley Hall overgrown library wedding-9





alternative wedding photographer


hampon court palace wedding-40

alternative london wedding photographer

festival wedding-59

Nigerian wedding-24

Ben  Samantha-174

alternative wedding photographer


fun wedding photography

london jewish wedding

festival wedding photography-33


alternative wedding photographer

rhinefield house wedding-37

festival wedding photography-34

fun wedding photography

rhinefield house wedding

festival wedding photography-26


fun documentary wedding photography

asylum wedding photographer-30

woodland wedding-28

documentary wedding photographer

woodland festival wedding

rhinefield house wedding-21

documentary wedding photography

rhinefield house wedding-11

london documentary wedding photographer

round chapel wedding-12

beach wedding-64

nats will website-169


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