The best documentary wedding photography of 2016!

Here's my roundup post! I did my first ever "best of" post last year and it's been quite tough to put this one together because inside it feels a bit like a annual exam at school. If you didn't step up your game from last year, you've failed. What I've since realised, having opened and closed this draft about 8 times now, is that with each year of wedding photography I focus on something different. I remember in my second year I spent the whole year mastering my flash work, both on and off camera- I did a heck ton of night time portraits and although they're what we call a "money shot" I realised I didn't love them as much as I loved the kooky and humorous documentary. Last year was a fab turning point for me because I really started to find my voice and having spent a year getting lost in what was expected of me from wedding blogs, I circled back round to what made me original from the start. This year, I feel my focus has been a mix of the kooky angles, but also I'm looking a lot more closely at people. Like literally closer. This is probably due to my move to the Fuji system from Nikon. It's way more discreet to shoot with so you feel a lot more confident to get right into the thick of the action. I think I've also been blessed with some truly wonderful couples, I've seen goats and been on planes and climbed on shoulders on groomsmen several times, I've seen my first arm ladder throw thing (dunno what it's called) several times and I've seen A LOT of PARTAY!! So I guess last year was about me and showing off my style, whereas this year, I'd like to raise a glass and make a toast to the couples. Thank you for getting married. Thank you for letting me shoot you.

P.S I don't know why at some point I changed my sizing for the width of my blog post images, sorry to the OCD peeps out there.

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fun documentary wedding photography

trinity buoy wharf wedding-45




village hall wedding-28

village hall wedding-1

trinity buoy wharf wedding-35

village hall wedding-60

trinity buoy wharf wedding-41

trinity buoy wharf wedding-30

pangdean barn wedding-9

trinity buoy wharf wedding-22

london garden wedding-1-4

london garden wedding-1-6

fun alternative wedding photography

fun alternative wedding photography

tipi train wedding east anglian museum-37

fun alternative wedding photography

festival wedding photographer

new york wedding documentary wedding

fun alternative wedding photography

olympic park crate brewery london wedding-20

New York elopement_0185

fun colourful wedding photography

fun wedding photographer

olympic park crate brewery london wedding-56

islington metalworks wedding-11

london asylum wedding-53

islington metalworks wedding-55

london asylum wedding-32

asylum pastafarian london wedding-12

london asylum wedding-12

fun documentary wedding photography

asylum pastafarian london wedding-10

oh so brighton wedding-32

oh so brighton wedding-17

fun documentary wedding

Brixton East wedding-32

london jewish wedding hackney-15

fun documentary wedding

london jewish wedding hackney-1-3


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