The Speak Now list of UK female photographer speakers

If you’re organising a photography conference and you’d like to discover some female photographers based in the UK who are available for speaking… that is exactly what this list is!

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Please enquire directly with the photographers. I’ve collected this list to help female photographers become more visible in our industry, but I am not personally liable for them, it’s up to you to conduct any necessary interviews/checks!
If you’d like to be added to this list simply send me an email to [email protected] copying and pasting the info format of Name-website-preferred contact etc.

Name: Karen Julia
Preferred contact details: [email protected]
Topic/s of teaching: SEO
Things they should know: 12 years studying SEO, 4 years working with other photographers, 2 years of which was at an SEO Agency. I’ve worked with photographers from all over the world including USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Name: Angela Ward Brown
Website: /
Preferred contact details: email at [email protected] or pony express
Topic/s of teaching: (1) Tintypes/wet plate, building a wedding photography business that works for you, with emphasis on doing this as a female.
Things they should know: I have made tintypes for 5 years, run a successful wedding & commercial photography business for 9 years, have a degree in photography, have spoken at industry events, loves cheese.

Name: Sarah Bryden
Website: &
Contact: [email protected] or 07843594359
Topics: How to build a wedding photography business in a saturated market, how to juggle business and motherhood, how to find your strengths and boost your confidence, future proof your business (with other income streams), blogging and writing for websites and brochures, how to connect with your clients

Name: Shelley Richmond
Website: // //
Preferred contact details: email [email protected]
Topic/s of teaching: retouching for wedding photographers/ diversifying your photography business/ the benefits of co working and how to start a co-working space
Things they should know: previous speaking experience: Summit, SNAP, Bujacka (Lapland) GoalDiggers (awarded Lottery AFA funding) currently run multiple businesses including a co working space, 2 photography businesses and Director of social enterprises and Trustee to 2 charities

Name: Lisa Devlin
Website: +
Preferred contact details: [email protected]
Topics of teaching: Marketing/Pricing/Shooting Weddings/Directing Couples/Longevity + Survival Tactics/Business ..
Things they should know: Awards- British Journal of Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year/ Stylist Magazine Top 10 Alternative Wedding Photographers / Junebug Top 10 London Wedding Photographers / Go Hen Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers. Spoken for- B&H in NYC and Hasselblad in London/ The Photography Show and been running Photography Farm since 2011

Name: Rowan Williams
Preferred contact details: [email protected]
Topics of teaching:
1) Business planning
2) Brand development
3) Marketing
Things they should know:
I’ve worked as a professional photographer for 4 years, previously I was a marketing director at a drugs company. I have 10 years of experience working in corporate sales and marketing. I’m qualified with The Chartered Institute of Marketing. I can work all over the U.K.

Name: Holly Rose Stones
Website: /
Preferred contact details: [email protected]
Topic/s of teaching: Creating a personal brand, connect to your audience on Instagram, the art of self portraiture, being creative online to attract clients, using YouTube to interact with your audience/potential clients, being original with your art.
Things they should know: Degree in Photographic Arts, Went full time out of university, YouTube channel with 12k Subs, hold self portrait workshops and 1-2-1s to build confidence/creativity in front of the camera, run a successful wedding photography business, have a constant stream of commercial work.
Name: Lauren Pinhorn
Preferred contact details: [email protected]
Topic/s of teaching: 35mm dark room processing & printing (black & white), photograms, film photography, light metering etc. Lighting basics. Portrait photography posing; singles, couples, groups. Confidence, following your dreams, where to start, the side-hustle.
Things they should know: A film photographer for over 15 years, has a degree in Photography. Has worked alongside a ‘day job’. Worked as product photographer for over 5 years. Run my own Portrait and Branding business, specialising in magazine style photoshoots for women & girls.