Best documentary wedding photography 2018

Best documentary wedding photography 2018

It’s time for the wedding photographer’s annual round-up! Thank you to all my couples for helping me have a fab 2018. I stood on mountains, in olive groves, amongst childhood backyards. I finally visited all parts of the UK (weird that I had never done this before!), sat in hot tubs under stars and around campfires learning how to make proper smores. I shot in the Houses of Parliament, I covered the Montagues and Capulets and ran with Deckard. I also taught hundreds of other photographers in Leeds, Birmingham, London, Bath and the Lake District and started organising my 2019 event Speak Now, which works towards raising the profile of female photographers. I ended the year on a high when I was invited to become one of Fujifilm’s X-Photographers, one of only 16 in the UK. I’m already excited to see what 2019 is going to bring!

Creative wedding photography 2019

Every year I set a singular photography goal to push myself creatively and 2019 will be the year where I take the time to work out what I really want to achieve from couple portraits and to be braver with asserting my signature style. I have intended to push this for a long time, but I do find myself feeling compelled to take the “safe” couple shots for the parent’s mantelpiece first, but then I often find myself running out of time as most of my couples are all about the documentary and they want to get back to the party. However, considering I don’t make this compromise with my candid coverage, I don’t really know why I do it with my couple shots? I want couple photos that are in line with the rest of my work, a shot we collaborate on, both myself and the couple enjoy creating and are proud to shout about. So that’s the mission for this year, good luck to my 2019 couples lol!

You have two choices

I honestly don’t think this selection does the year, or my couples any justice. It was mind-bendingly difficult to try to draw a handful of images out, cutting tens of thousands into a mere one hundred. So I do definitely encourage people to go visit my full wedding photography galleries to get a better sense of the weddings themselves.

If you like to bop around to beats:

And if you prefer the long scenic route: