Chua & The Bell: An Update!

In a bid to make sure I stay on top of my non-couple led blogging, a promise I make to myself EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR, I have come to the realisation that although there's a lot of expectation to keep fresh content going, it's also I guess kind of content to update people with what's going on in our lives! We didn't consciously take a Chua & The Bell hiatus, but we found there was a point during the peak wedding season where we just didn't have the spare time to even meet up for a cuppa let alone take a day out for filming, especially as I went abroad to shoot in three different countries during a 6 week period! Bell is currently away on a much deserved holiday, and we are intending to get back onto some filming and podcasting once she's back, we've got a Sony vs. Fuji review coming up and although I've written a Magmod review absolutely yonks ago, I think I'll turn it into a video so the info is multi platform! I know some people are really good at social media but even though I'm a professional photographer, I really value my personal time not being viewed through a viewfinder. I'm one of those grouches who refuses to take more than one FB status snap at a gig, and I constantly find myself saying "oh maybe I should instagram this... hmmm nahh can't be arsed", so our channel and my yakkety yak sectionmight not be updated as frequently as an SEO guru would recommend, but I guess it's a good fit with who we genuinely are. Personally I love talking about gear and filming silly things with Kari, and I want to keep doing it because it's fun and not because we have to. We are both speaking at Snap Photography Festival 2018 in our separated forms, so if you feel annoyed by our lack of online presence and want to tell us in person, you should come and say hi!

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