Civil Partnership Photography

Civil partnership Photography

Recently in the UK the laws have changed for civil partnerships. In the past civil partnerships were available only to same sex couples whilst they were denied their equal marriage rights. Fortunately now same sex couples can get married if they wish, but soon after that a heterosexual couple Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan fought the courts to gain the right for heterosexual couples to have a civil partnership and won this right which has come into effect in the year 2020. I'm a recommended supplier at one of the most popular London registry offices: Islington Town Hall and they've informed me that they will be performing civil partnerships for all. I know the differences between marriage and civil partnerships in terms of the ideology, and why some couples might choose to opt to financially/legally partner with each other in law minus the traditions that might not appeal to them, but I wasn't sure of whether there was any difference in the process. So I asked the Islington Town Hall registrars for further information about what is the difference between marriage and civil partnerships in terms of the practical process and here's the information they gave me. They did inform me that as it's so new for everyone, that this information is subject to change.

What are the differences between the civil partnership and marriage ceremony at the stage of booking (as an engaged couple) their ceremony?

"On our booking pages we have buttons next to each venue so that couples book the ceremony they want: Now that all couples will be able to choose whether they want a marriage or civil partnership after Dec 2019, we are asking them which they want so we can make sure the correct notice has been given and the correct law is being followed. The notice for marriage and civil partnership have the same requirements and same time periods. The couple should book a notice appointment for the right legal process i.e. if notice is given for a civil partnership and the couple actually want a marriage, notice will need to be given again – but the registrar will advise them of this at the notice appointment."

What are the differences in the words/actions/customs during the ceremony?

"As marriage is a verbal contract, couples must say prescribed words to be legally married – the declaratory and contracting words. After a marriage ceremony they will be declared to be husband and wife, husband and husband, or wife and wife. Their legal status will be ‘married’. As civil partnership law is different from marriage law, there are no legal words couples need to say, so if they would prefer to simply sign the paperwork with their witnesses they can. Many couples like to have a ceremony and make promises to each other as a public pledge of their love and commitment, even though it is not a legal requirement. After a civil partnership ceremony, the couple will be declared to be civil partners in law. Their legal status will be ‘civil partner’."

Do marriage and civil partnerships have different costs?

"No. Our prices are the same whether couples want a marriage or civil partnership. This should be the same for all register offices. We are advising couples to complete further research before booking a ceremony, particularly if either party is a national of another country or you are planning to live abroad, as there may be differences in how a marriage and a civil partnership are recognised in other countries."  

So there you have it! I hope that helps any couples out there planning their civil partnerships in 2020 and beyond to celebrate their love the way they want to!


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