Hi there, so a little birdy (ok ok my diary) tells me your wedding day is soon approaching… I know that schedules and plans can change a lot over time, so it’s essential that you confirm your final plans for me!

Any sections that have not changed from what you’ve specified to me on the contract, please put SAME to save yourself the extra writing! If it’s not relevant to you/you have no special requests/you don’t have a set schedule etc. feel free to leave it blank!

Our names are [contactinput name=”name”] and our wedding is on the date [contactinput name=”date”]

We’d like you to start photographing us at this time (usually 2 hours before expecting to leave for the ceremony is advised):

[contactinput name=”starttime” preload=”fffe”]

at this venue: [contactinput name=”startingaddress” type=”textarea”]

We’re getting married at this time: [contactinput name=”ceremonytime”] at this venue: [contactinput name=”ceremonyaddress” type=”textarea”]

After the ceremony, we’re going to be shindigging at:
[contactinput name=”receptionvenue” type=”textarea”]

Things you need to know about our evening schedule are… (i.e. speech times, key moments to be photographed) [contactinput name=”scheduleandkeymoments” type=”textarea”]

The formal shots we’d like are… (please bear in mind how much time you have allocated for formal photos and separate the groups with a number i.e. 1. mum dad 2. etc.) [contactinput name=”formals” type=”textarea”]

If you’d like couple shots, please let me know if there’s any particular locations or special style requests you have: [contactinput name=”coupleshots” type=”textarea”]

Special people we’d like you to try and capture are… [contactinput name=”specialpeople” type=”textarea”]

I’d love to get to know who I’m working with!

Our hairstylist is: [contactinput name=”hair”]

Our make up artist is: [contactinput name=”mua”]

Our cakemaker is: [contactinput name=”cake”]

We got our outfits from: [contactinput name=”outfits”] and our accessories from [contactinput name=”accessories”]. Our shoes are from [contactinput name=”shoes”]

Our florist is: [contactinput name=”florist”]

Our entertainment is provided by: [contactinput name=”entertainment”]

We got the bridesmaids/groomsmen’s outfits from: [contactinput name=”bmgmoutfits”]

Anything else you’d like me to know? [contactinput name=”anythingelse” type=”textarea”]



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