Spider Holster dual SpiderLight vs. dual pro camera belt for Fujifilm

I’ve been using the Spider Holster dual Spiderpro ever since my first year as a wedding photographer. I would undoubtedly recommend it as the best way to take the weight off your back and shoulders, but I have always had two main complaints with it- 1. It’s a little ugly 1a. It’s a little clunky. I’m still pestering them to make a nice aesthetically pleasing leather option, after all it makes sense that people working in a visual industry would prefer visually nice products, but in the meantime they have the SpiderLight camera belt which is designed for mirrorless cameras and therefore a smaller, more discreet style belt.

I would like to use this belt for a good half season to test its durability and comfort, so for now I will share this unboxing and initial size and weight comparison.

As you can see, a lot of the weight was lost in the length of the pad and the size of the metal bracket, I have chosen to not use the plates provided (as shown below), as I have the singular pin which stops the lens mount being knocked when the camera is holstered.

I haven’t attached the pad yet in this photo but I did find the installation of the second pad much easier in this version. In the older SpiderPro you had to really shove the plate through the velcro which kept sticking to itself half way through, this time they have made a velcroless section along the belt so the plate slides in easier, plus as you can see in the top right, I tended to lose pad screws, but the updated SpiderLight seems to be reinforced- so it’s refreshing all round to see they’ve been considering and upgrading their design.

I did the mega geek thing of weighing both of the belts and as you can see there’s a decent 400g weight loss, which I did find I felt when I put it on, and also enjoyed the less clunky nature of it when hanging off the back of my rucksack.