What equipment and programs do I need for wedding photography?

So, you’re new to wedding photography and wondering where to start? Many people think that wedding photography is a simple and easy job, but there’s a lot of gear that is required to run a professional level business. Even if you’re an aspiring newbie starting out, I cannot stress enough how important it is that […]

5 Things I’ve learnt so far about wedding photography

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When I started doing wedding photography, one thing I really wanted to do was to be able to give back and help other newbie photographers with their business. I found that although Google and Youtube were incredible resources, it was really difficult to learn about some of the more intimate aspects of the business, and […]

MCP News- Say hello to my sweetie sticks!

You know that moment when you’re a teenager and you’re leaving the house, and your mum stops you and says “why are you wearing that, it looks weird”, and inside you take that as confirmation that you must look just right? That’s exactly what happened today when getting my dear ma’s opinion on my new […]

Business time

Now now, don’t get all excited, “business time” here on the MCP blog is all above board. (For those who didn’t just get that reference, here’s something awesome for you) “Business time” will be the part of the blog where I share what I’ve learnt in my adventures. Hopefully it will be useful for those […]