Marianne Chua Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2017

The best wedding photography in the UK

Wow, I am feeling crazy levels of honoured. I found out a few months ago that I am one of the 2017 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography in Rangefinder magazine. Rangefinder is the magazine of the WPPI society and every year they receive hundreds of nominations for amazing wedding photographers from all over the world. The only criteria is that the wedding photographer must have been in business less than 5 years. They then whittle it down to 30 who they consider the big names to watch, a.k.a the best wedding photographer in the UK and other countries. Apparently one of these peeps be me! Thank you to all my couples who helped me attain this prestigious status, quite literally couldn’t have done it without you: especially those in the following 30 photos which made up my winning portfolio! It consisted partly of recent wedding photography and my previous best of round up posts!

Judge’s feedback

“Your color was impressively consistent across your photos, whether you encountered bright natural light or a darker scene. I like that you included moments that were evidently memorable or specific to that particular wedding — the man jumping over three others, for instance, the bride climbing through a tiny doorway. It didn’t seem like you were just adding those photos to your submission to be different; they were offbeat but seemed purposeful to the narrative you created as a whole, which was fun and unexpected. You included beautiful portraits but also otherwise-mundane or unglamorous moments, like the couple in the convenient store or the woman who dropped a glass at the reception. Those compositions were clearly well thought out and included surrounding elements that completed the story.

The expressions throughout your submission are priceless — the one little girl glaring at the other little girl in the bus was hysterical, but somehow still subtle. Clearly nothing was posed, you were just ready. I loved that your reception photos of people dancing had layers, and you didn’t have any photos of things that have been done before, like reception light-painting. Your submission felt fresh and felt very you, even though I wasn’t familiar with your work when I saw your submission. You had a variety of scenes, but it all felt cohesive, like it was coming from the same photographer. It was nice to see that signature.”