Raf and Hannah’s quirky Jewish wedding with a floral chuppah in Priory Barn, Hertfordshire.

The wedding of Raf and Hannah was the first Jewish wedding I'd ever shot and it was a real beauty!! Hannah wore a 50's style A line dress from Pure Couture and silver glittery wedding shoes. The flowers were done by her friend Pel Mercer and hair by Lipstick and Curls and make up by her friend Sian. Raf wore a blue suit and a turquoise kippah.

Floral Jewish wedding_0001 Floral Jewish wedding_0002 Floral Jewish wedding_0003

The rabbi was a firm believer in equality, so everything Hannah did Raf did and vice versa, meaning that Raf processed down the aisle with his parents just before Hannah. They got married under an absolutely gorgeous multi coloured floral chuppah outdoors at Priory Barn.

Floral Jewish wedding_0005 jewish wedding ceremony floral chuppah Floral Jewish wedding_0008 Floral Jewish wedding_0009 Floral Jewish wedding_0010 floral jewish chuppah Floral Jewish wedding_0012 Floral Jewish wedding_0013 Floral Jewish wedding_0014

After the ceremony, the inside of Priory Barn was set up with sweet floral arrangements, tons of fairy lights and vintage products for Hannah and Raf's surnames and retro hot drinks advertisements. Floral Jewish wedding_0015 priory barn wedding priory barn wedding

Hannah's bouquet was caught by her business partner Justine. These two ladies make the finest brownies in London, not mention the brownie cups and ice cream sandwiches. I may or may not have eaten a fair few cookie dough brownies before the wedding. Check them out if you can, they're called Batch Bakery!

bouquet toss Floral Jewish wedding_0018

Floral Jewish wedding_0020 cute children photos

The speeches were hilarious and some of the guests dressed up and danced around in Hannah and Raf masks as part of one of the speech jokes!

Floral Jewish wedding_0023 Floral Jewish wedding_0024 Floral Jewish wedding_0025 Floral Jewish wedding_0026 Floral Jewish wedding_0027 Floral Jewish wedding_0028

Their first dance was to Stonehenge, it was quite a production with a full intro, green smoke, lasers and a mini stone henge!

stonehenge first dance

All in all it was a fab experience shooting my first ever Jewish wedding and I can't wait to shoot more! I have also photographed a North London Bar Mitzvah which was also fantastic fun!


  • Laura Babb says:

    Beautiful. I really, really love the shot of the little boy in the flower bed! A beautiful wedding, beautifully photographed.

  • Sarah says:

    I just love how vibrant all your weddings are! I know I’ve said it before but it’s true! Love the speech shots, they seem to be my favourites as everyone is REALLY off guard and you’ve got them at their most relaxed which I love 🙂

  • Vot a Vedding!!!! Seriously it’s so very creative and so beautifully captured. I’d be so thrilled and honoured to feature it on Smashing The Glass – it’s exactly what the site’s all about… I hope with all my heart that Raf and Hannah like the idea! Great work, Marianne.

  • fantastic colours and emotion brilliantly captured Marianne

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