Rohan and Serena’s epic Indian destination wedding in Tuscany Part 1

Finally we're here! The third and big boom day of Rohan and Serena's amazing Indian Italian destination wedding is ready for your eyeballs!  I'm guessing you already saw their shaagan and chunni and the mehndi and sangeet, if not check those out! We started in the morning with a Havan and Churrdha for Serena's side of the family and the Vatana for Rohan's side. The Havan was beautiful whilst Rohan's Vatana was extremely hazardous for Rohan who got slapped several times much to everyone else's delight...

indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0001 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0002 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0003 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0004 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0005 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0006

After that everyone went to get ready in their hotel rooms

indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0007 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0008 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0009 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0010 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0011 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0012

Rohan's family kicked the wedding off with a Guuli and Barat- heading down to meet Serena's family

indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0013 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0014 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0015 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0016 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0017 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0018 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0019 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0020

When both families met, they exchanged 10 Milini...

indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0021 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0022 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0023 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0024 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0025 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0026 indian_tuscany_destination_wedding_0027


...before Rohan's shoes were very promptly stolen!


Click here to see the Indian ceremony and rest of Rohan and Serena's Tuscany destination wedding

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  • These pictures are fantastic! We were so pleased to plan this amazing Hindu Wedding in Tuscany! Serena, Rohan and their families are really amazingly lovely persons, we are happy they had such a wonderful time together in Tuscany and such an incredible traditional Hindu Wedding in Italy.

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